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A Critically Acclaimed MMORPG Vinyl Sticker (2") Set

A Critically Acclaimed MMORPG Vinyl Sticker (2") Set

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Set Includes 20 Stickers:
Tanks: Holy Tank, Emo Tank, Gun Tank, Rage Tank

Healer: Blood Flower Mage Healer, Fairy Consumer Healer, Sadge Pew Pew Healer, Shiny Globe Healer

Melee DPS: Many Punch DPS, Floor Parser DPS, Small Knife Weeb DPS, Angy Farmer DPS

Physical Range DPS: Musical Arrow DPS, Pew Pew DPS, Stepping DPS

Magic Ranged DPS: Edgy Turret Wizard DPS, Book Murderer DPS, Needle Pokey Wizard DPS, Copycat Wizard DPS

♥ matte vinyl sticker
♥ max approx 2 inch (5cm)
♥ water resistant
♥ one sided, full color

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