Hello! Welcome to Ollybits's Portfolio and Show Application Page. Thank you for your consideration :) !

Below you will find examples of my displays and designs. I have a variety of merchandise and displays to show, but I will present my favorites for you!

booth and design set ups

I try to make it so that attendees can get a clean look at my merchandise so it is easier for them to browse. The displays I put vary by the space given and the exhibitor rules. I like to maximize the space to the fullest potential while creating an inviting booth to shop at. A link to my catalogue can be found here.


Illustrations allows me to freely be creative. Majority of my designs are created digitally on Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, and Clip Studio Paint. Depending on the medium, I will use specific programs. Some illustrations were created traditionally with alcoholic markers and pen!


I am new to collectible toy designing but it allows me to be very creative. Udon is my original character design that I had 3-D printed and handcasted by friends. The toys are cleaned and painted by me. Because of how much time these take, I bring a smaller quantity to shows as exclusives. I hope to grow to bring more Udons to you!


When I first started my business, I painted pixel art illustrations on canvas! Square-by-square, line-by-line! Many have been commissions or gifts to friends. One set is sitting in the Discord App HQ! Each painting was hand lined and painted and streamed on Twitch!


Commissions for emotes were something that I started my business with as well. My emotes were recognized to where I participated in a Emote contest hosted by Twitch during GlitchCon. My design won and is now a official Twitch Global Emote (GlitchNRG)! I had to close commissions since I travel often to shows. Hopefully I can bring this back soon!

past shows

These are shows that I have the honor to say I was a part of.

San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon, Fanime, TwitchCon, SacAnime, CrunchyRoll (online), Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, Anime Impulse, Anime NYC (online), HypeCon, New York Comic Con (merch exclusive), GlitchCon (by Twitch), San Jose Made Events (Holiday Faire, FriendFest), ReedPop Metaverse, Mini Art Mart Japan Town San Francisco ... And more!

thank you!

Thank you for your time in reviewing my portfolio and application. I hope I get to work with you in the future! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at olly@ollybits.com !