Patreon Monthly Claim

Patreon Monthly Claim


Claim your monthly perks here. Fill the form on what you would like to use.


- Limit 1 claim per month. Non transferrable-
Must be Patreon Patron before May 1, 2021 to claim.

Any subscriptions made between May 1 - May 31 2021 will roll over to June. (Patreon does not charge till beginning of each month)

All charms eligible unless said otherwise.


My Boba Cups (Tier 2):

  • Three Doggos (3) 2" Vinyl Sticker of Choice
  • OR Three Koro Sensei Emotions (3) 2" Vinyl Sticker of Choice

The Classic Boba (Grandfathered):
One Charm/Keychain

Fresh Boba Milk Tea (Tier 3):

  • Full Doggo (5) 2" Vinyl Sticker Set
  • OR Half of Koro Sensei Emotions (5) 2" Vinyl Sticker of Choice

V.I.P. Boba Extremes (Tier 4):

  • One Charm/Keychains + Three Doggos OR Koro Sensei Emotions (3) 2" Vinyl Sticker of Choice
  • OR Awesome Taco 4x6 Print + Five Doggos OR Koro Sensei Emotions (5) 2" Vinyl Sticker of Choice
  • OR Full Set Koro Sensei Emotions (10) 2" Vinyl Sticker

Tastiest Boba (Tier 5):
One Charm/Keychains
OR Full Set Doggos (5)
OR Two Koro Sensei // Assassination Classroom Emotion (2) Mini Sticker Sheets
+ Full Set Koro Sensei // Assassination Classroom Emotion (10) 2" Vinyl Stickers 
+ Awesome Taco 4x6 Print

Please use Custom Text Field to pick your merch. You can pick the new monthly merch or something that exists. Feel free to poke me if you have any questions <3


    ♥~1.5 inch (4cm)
    ♥Clear acrylic charm
    ♥Double sided with gloss finish
    ♥Mini lanyard strap or key ring with chain
    ♥May still have protective sticker, remove both sides!

    ♥ matte vinyl sticker
    ♥ approx 2 inch (5cm)
    ♥ water resistant
    ♥ one sided, full color

    ♥ Photo Print, not original pixel art canvas painting.
    ♥ 4x5.3 in high-gloss photo paper
    ♥ Not waterproof
    ♥ One sided, full color
    ♥ Item Made To Order


    Shipped in letter envelope.

    Shipped in a bubble wrap envelope.

    Packages are shipped 1-3 Business Days after purchase.
    North America: 3~5 business days
    International: 7~14+ business days