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Patreon Monthly Claim

Patreon Tier

    ♥~1.5 inch (4cm)
    ♥Clear acrylic charm
    ♥Double sided with gloss finish
    ♥Mini lanyard strap or key ring with chain
    ♥May still have protective sticker, remove both sides!

    ♥ matte vinyl sticker
    ♥ approx 2 inch (5cm)
    ♥ water resistant
    ♥ one sided, full color

    ♥ Photo Print, not original pixel art canvas painting.
    ♥ 4x5.3 in high-gloss photo paper
    ♥ Not waterproof
    ♥ One sided, full color
    ♥ Item Made To Order


    Shipped in letter envelope.

    Shipped in a bubble wrap envelope.

    Packages are shipped 1-3 Business Days after purchase.
    North America: 3~5 business days
    International: 7~14+ business days

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