I keep having these weird thoughts lately ...
Like, is this real or is it not?


This pixel art version of the Kingdom Hearts cover was done digitally on Photoshop then painted on canvas live in 90 hours on Twitch. Lots of blue. Its blue, da bu de ba da di

Kingdom Hearts 1 Cover Art Pixel Art 4x6 Print


    ♥ Photo Print, not original pixel art canvas painting.
    ♥ 4x6in high-gloss photo paper
    ♥ Not waterproof
    ♥ One sided, full color
    ♥ Item Made To Order


    Shipped in a protected sleeve with cardboard backing
    Bubble wrap envelope.
    Packages are shipped 1-3 Business Days after purchase.
    North America: 3~5 business days
    International: 7~14+ business days

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