Hi, I’m Olly

I really wish I could create something inspiring or poetic to explain who I am or what I do and why I do it, but I’m very creative with my words. When asked to introduce myself, I reply with

“Hello, I’m Olly. I like long walks to the refrigerator. I paint squares and watch them dry.”

Pixel Art has always been one of my favorite forms of art. I grew up not knowing the name of this skill. Playing with Paint program and Excel, I loved creating my own variants of retro video game characters like Pokemon or Super Mario. What went from digital box clicking evolved into simple 4x4 inch canvas paintings to large 24x24 inch pieces of people and video games that inspire me.

After graduating from San Francisco State University with a Business Marketing Degree, I’ve worked at Discord Inc, Legion M Entertainment, and Fugitive Toys. Currently I am a Twitch Streamer as a pixel artist and terrible video gamer. On the side, I also do emotes.

Going from a steady income job to pursuing my pixel art passion has been one the scariest and most rewarding thing I have ever done. I want to thank all the support everyone have given me. Whether if it was showing up on my stream to yell at me, liking my posts and commenting, the follows, buying merchandise, all of it. I’ve met amazing people and learned so much about myself and the art community. I only hope to continuously grow, I don’t want to stop <3

I also like potato chips (Ruffles especially) and milk tea.


Upcoming Events:

Nov 26-28 2021 San Diego Comic Con Special Edition 2021 (HH-30)

Jan 7-9 2022  SacAnime Winter 2022 

Past Events:

Sept 3-5 2021  SacAnime Summer 2021 (AA Q11)

Aug 7 2021  Bay Area Pop Expo

Aug 5-7 2021 Virtual Crunchy Roll Expo 2021

Nov 17-20 2020  Anime NYC Online

Nov 14 2020  GlitchCon by Twitch

Oct 24-25 2020  Serramonte Collectible Show, Daly City CA (cancelled)

August 13-16 2020  ReedPop Metaverse (https://www.findthemetaverse.com/)

May 9-10 2020  VirtualPopExpo

Apr 18-19 2020  Mini Art Mart, Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, San Francisco, CA (cancelled)

Apr 10-12 2020  WonderCon, Anaheim CA (cancelled)

Feb 15-16 2020  Mini Art Mart, San Francisco

Jan 25-26 2020  Serramonte Collectible Show, Daly City CA

Jan 18-19 2020  Mini Art Mart, San Francisco CA

Dec 14-15 2019  Mini Art Mart, San Francisco CA

Jun 22-23 2019  Serramonte Collectible Show, Daly City CA

Oct 3-6 2019  New York Comic Con, New York NY (Merch Exclusive)